When I started working with Telescope, I didn’t want to.

I’ve never been the best coder, nor I felt comfortable with open source. So when it came time to start setting up Telescope, I had no clue about what should be done and I didn’t want to go into any of the discussions. There were about 60 people all desperate to file bugs, and way fewer who knew what they wanted to do and had very strong opinions about it. I might or might not have also redirected all the emails from GitHub into their own folder in my email. To be honest, I can’t say coding is my passion. I think its neat when things work, but I don’t “eat Java for breakfast.”

There had been a discussion about the what technologies we should use early on. I didn’t care for it. Not until I found Gatsby – and at this point I’m starting to feel like an ad. I like working on the front-end and designing interfaces, it is combination of the accomplishment I feel when I code something successfully and doing graphic design. I wanted to work with the fronted of Telescope, it would be something that I knew and could lead on.

And so we’re here.

For release 0.6, I finally started designing.

I did some research about modern design, determined to bring Telescope away from the 90’s vibe. With Adobe XD, I soon spend way too much time on it.

For the first iteration, I made a hero banner, main page, and a menu drawer.




After the initial design, the discussion moved away from the main telescope repo to a team discussion that can be found here.

Some of the feedback was:

  • Smaller paragraph width
  • Smaller navbar size
  • Having author and date visible
  • 21px for main text
  • darker colours

From that feedback I made some improved designs:


One of the problems I ran into, was that the blog section was too small. There was too much white space surrounding the blog, and adding another blog besides it would not bring an optimal reading experience. So I decided to add a participant section – mostly as a place holder – to balance the content.

Afterwards, I took an on-demand edit approach to the feedback I received.


Eventually, I decided when the design should be frozen. I also realized that an on-demand approach is not particularly good way to deal with feedback. Specially since I wasn’t letting people know my design decision. Going forward, I would like to implement a better system about feedback on designs, as well, as one about posting the designs.

I found that the current way is not great for following conversations, and it doesn’t allow people who aren’t on-line at the moment to give any feedback.

Overall, I’m happy with what I made and I’m looking forward to doing more designs.

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