As the semester winds to a close, it means Telescope should achieve some sort of workable iteration. While it seems daunting, the fact is, 60 coders coding away should be able to make something that works.

I have to decided to focus my energy on authentication, and while some of my classmates are figuring out the bigger picture with SAML, I am doing the smaller steps to get login working. It is easy to get carried away with a big project and spend too much time planning instead of getting something done.

For example, this week I connected the login page with the main page. It is not a big fix, but it is necessary to be able to test login and make sure it works with what we have made so far. After getting the fix merged, I decided to get a rudimentary express login started. I filed the issue and I have been reading about how to code it with what we currently have.

What my fix would do, is that it would allow people to login, be redirected to a confirmation page, and then back to the main page. This will allow for the SAML project to move further along.

My steps after getting the login merged will be determined as I discuss the SAML process with the others working on it. While that happens, I decided to take a further look into GatsbyJS, as it would be a good idea to integrate it with Telescope. As Telescope is a static page with a collection of blogs, it could really benefit from the React based framework. However, I would first need to convince the rest of the team that it is a worthwhile effort.

Speaking of Gatsby, my contribution with the Spanish localization has been going so-so. My first pull-request has yet to be merged and I’ve had trouble setting aside some time to fix the problems. With the semester almost over, assignments for other classes have begun to pile more than usual.

It does not help that editing has never been very appealing, much less when you have to keep formal and informal you’s in mind. I initially thought the only thing I needed to change was the pronoun.

The naivety…

So this week I will continue to fix the errors of my past. Hopefully I will finally get my pull request merged so I can work on more pages. I am hoping to get a shirt out of it by the end of the semester.

It will look really nice besides my hacktober one.

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