HacktoberFEST comes about in October and it calls for anyone to get involved in the open source community. In order to participate, you must register anytime between October 1st and the 31st – and if you want to be one of the 50,000 that receives a free t-shirt, you have to make four pull requests.

Sound pretty simple, right?

I’ll be using the event as an opportunity to grow as a developer and continue to involve myself in the open source community. While, I do think trying to contribute to projects outside of my classmates’ is a little intimidating, getting a free t-shirt is a great motivator – I recently culled my collection so I’m in need of some more event specific shirts.

My Goals

Just searching good first issue, I find a good 20k projects

While I could holistically make my way around GitHub trying to look for issues to fix, I think having a more organized approach would be beneficial to my development as a developer.

I have two main goals in mind when I’m trying to find for something to fix:

1- Learn Python

Python is a language I constantly hear about. I even had some friends outside of my program ask me if I knew it so I could help them with their homework. I’ve looked at it, but I can’t say I know anything significant about it. Two days ago I learned that Python used ‘and’ instead of ‘&&’, just to give you an idea of how out of the loop I am when it comes to this language.

So I think learning Python during this month would be a fun side project to have.

2 – Collaborate in Software I Use

It’s probably my ego, but I just think this would be cool. The idea of helping out in a project that I use regularly is pretty fascinating. Not only that, but I think its a good way to not get overwhelmed by the thousands of projects on GitHub. Finding something familiar would be a good idea.

The issues

Here are some issues that I am interested in working on.

  1. Powershell command line parameters contrast is too lowIssue | Repository :
    This feels like a good issue to start with, as it is a design issue, but it also an issue that revolves around something I use – VSCode
  2. Search Bookmarks- Issue | Repository:
    The idea of creating an interface to create and delete something does not seem outside of my scope. I think it is something I would be able to do, even if it is in python.
  3. Replace node’s query-string with URLSearchParams Issue | Repository:
    I feel this is an issue I can do, but mostly the thought of working on something related to Tumblr (an app that I wasted hours upon hours on while i was a teenager) is pretty interesting to me.

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